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Raising awareness of Child Exploitation

A contextual safeguarding approach

  • 4 hours
  • Can be online or at your place of work

Service Description

This course is aimed at raising people's awareness of what child exploitation is and who may be at risk of exploitation. It is an introductionary course. Outcomes of this training: - To know about the ways in which people can be exploited - To understand some of the legislation that is in place to support us with exploitation - To know and be able to recognise some of the warning signs and risk factors that could indicate a young person may be being exploitated - To begin to explore what a contextual safeguarding approach means - To understand some of the barriers children and young people have in reporting their abuse - To know what to do if you are worried - To begin to undersatnd what we are doing to tackle exploitation

Contact Details


61 Eveleigh Avenue, Bath, UK

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