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Working with victims of Child Exploitation - skills and practice

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Exclusive Resources

You are booked on to the Working with victims of Child Exploitation - skills and practice course. Here you can access the resources you may find helpful before the session. Click on the resource to download it.


South West Child Protection Procedures  is a 'gateway' to the shared child protection procedures for the South West region. In addition to the shared procedures you can also access local guidance for your area by clicking on the local information section within each chapter.

To access the Safeguarding Partnership Child Protection Procedures for your area, click on your Partnership on the page.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Hand Brain model

This resource outlines the hand brain model and how you can use it with children and young people.

Please click on the PDF to download a copy

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Is there consent?

This resource is 4 case studies that may or may not show consent. This sparks conversation around what is consent.

Please click on the documant to download a copy.

Fearless Education Resource - county lines.

This is an educational resource from Fearless. It is aimed at professionals working with young people throughout the UK. It provides exercises on a range of crime types that professionals can use to challenge young people’s perceptions, stimulate debate and encourage good citizenship.

Please click on the PDF to download a copy.

Exploitation Identification tool

This is a form that is used within South Gloucestershire to identify children who are or maybe at risk of suffering exploitation.

Please click on the document to download a copy.

Commission on Young Lives: hidden in plain sight

A national plan of action to support vulnerable teenagers to succeed and to protect them from adversity, exploitation, and harm. This final report brings together their four thematic reports and sets out a policy framework and the scale of investment needed to support vulnerable children and their families. 

Please click on the document to download a copy


These resources outline what grooming is. The first one is related to criminal exploitation and the second one is related to sexual exploitation.

Please click on the documents to download a copy.

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