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Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility.

    What We Offer


Manager of an out of school club

All of our staff that have attended the training have found it well run, informative and provided them with the most up to date changes that have recently been made. After a year of lockdowns and disruption for children, the training has helped staff feel more confident and increased their awareness in safeguarding.

Independent advisor/advocate

This training session was delivered by a very friendly lady with excellent knowledge of the material. Made everyone feel welcome, and encouraged us to ask questions any time through the training. Really confident through the whole presentation, which made me feel very secure about my training.

Assessor and language tutor

I thoroughly enjoyed this course Sue, thank you for allowing me to stay and complete it with you. This is an important topic in my role and as a result of this course I have already enrolled on a PREVENT online course and am actively looking online for other relevant elements of child protection courses to further develop my CPD

Meet the trainer

Safe In Your Hands is an independant training and consultancy business.  I offer training packages, online sessions and bespoke courses to fit all needs and abilities. I train people and organisations about child protection and adult safeguarding.

I have many different packages you can access, ranging from an introduction to child protection to specialist exploitation courses. If you want something tailored to your needs, I can produce something bespoke to you.


If this is something that you are looking for then please get in contact. 

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