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Child Protection for DSL's

Designated Safeguarding Lead training

  • 4 hours
  • Can be online or at your place of work

Service Description

Being a DSL carriers much more responsibility. This course talks you through what roles and responsibilities you have, what policies and procedures you will need to have in place and how you can support your staff around you. The outcomes for this course are: -Further understand and define what safeguarding and child protection is and to define the categories, signs and indicators of abuse and neglect -Know and understand the role and responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead -To have greater awareness of risk factors that make children more vulnerable -Understand the intervention framework and how it is used to assess children and their families and feel more confident in recognising which level of support a child needs -Have knowledge of the law, policies and guidance documents that contribute towards best safeguarding practice -Understand what policies and procedures need to be in place in order to safeguard children in your care and identify any steps your own organisation can take to strengthen the safeguarding arrangements -Implement best practice for record keeping, documenting, confidentiality and sharing information and know how to take action should you disagree with the actions or decisions made -Khow to effectively recognise, respond and manage an allegation -Identify the barriers that may prevent a disclosure in your organisation and how to deal with this -Understand the implications of whistleblowing and how to address these.

Contact Details


61 Eveleigh Avenue, Bath, UK

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