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Training we offer

Whether you are an organisation or individual, we have a session to meet your needs.

We can deliver both face to face training or it can be via Zoom. Please scroll down and look at the  training packages we offer. These sessions can be booked on a date that suits you. Just click 'Book now' and send me a message and I will get back to you to organise a session to meet your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Child Exploitation training for Taxi Drivers

A guide for Taxi drivers

This course is aimed at taxi drivers. It will equip drivers to know what exploitation is, to spot the signs of exploitation and for them to be able to raise their concerns.

If you have or are getting a license through South Gloucestershire then you must book the training through the licensing team.

Raising Awareness of Child Exploitation

A contextual safeguarding approach

This course aims to raise awareness of what child exploitation is and who might be at risk of exploitation. It is an introductionary course.

It can be carried out online or face to face at your place of work.

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Digital Citizenship

Giving the children powers to safe online

Children are going to use the internet, but do they know how to behave whilst they are online? This session is aimed at students Yr 6 and above. It is designed to give children the powers to stay safe online.

It can be delivered face to face at the school.

An Introduction to Child Protection

Safeguarding is eveyone's responsibility

This course is aimed at organisations that have practitoners that work with children or all ages. This session can be booked as a one off by an organisation and can have up to 25 people in attendance. It can be held online or at your plece of work.

The course aims to raise awareness to the signs of child abuse and know what action to take to keep children safe.

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Typing on the Computer

Safer Recruitment training for schools

Recruiting the right people for the job

It is fundamentally important that we only has those people who are safe to work with our children in our education system. This course is aimed at education organisations who need to have an updtae in safer recruitment.

This course aims to inform you about what safer recruitment is, how it supports effective safeguarding practice and offers an indepth look at what is involved in the whole procress.

This can be held online or at your place of work.

Adult Exploitation

A guide to Adult Exploitation

This course will help you understand how exploitation can happen to an adult, give you the tools to understand the signs it could be happening and help you work with those at risk.

This course can be run as a face to face session or can be virtual.

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Image by Nelly Antoniadou

Child Protection for DSL's

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training

Being a DSL carriers much more responsibility. This course takes you through what roles and responsibilities you have, what policies and procedures you will need to have in place and how you can support the staff around you.

I can come to your organisation or it can be carried out virtually.

Raising awareness of Adult Safeguarding

Keeping the most vulnerable safe

Raise your awareness of safeguarding adults who may be at risk. You will learn about the factors that make people more vulnerable, how you can recognise abuse and how we can work together to support victims of abuse.

This training can be delivered virtually or run as a face to face session.

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Healthy Relationships

Raising awareness of child exploitation and healthy relationships

This session is aimed at secondary school aged children and gives them an awareness of child exploitation, how to stay safe and what a healthy relationship should look like.

This session is best delivered face to face at the school.

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